Shabbat Services

Regular Shabbat services are held using Mishkan T’filah: A Reform Siddur – the newest prayer book of Reform Judaism. Music for the regular service ranges from pianist and soloist, or our volunteer choir – Shir Chadash. Our services feature many songs – familiar ones and some that may be new to you.

Holidays and Services

Learn about the Jewish holidays and explore the customs and traditions of Reform Judaism.

Life Cycles

Learn more about the Jewish tradition and practice, from birth to death.

Becoming Jewish

People convert to Judaism for many reasons. Some are seeking religious meaning in their lives – with or without any connection to a Jewish partner – and simply find that Judaism offers a spiritual and religious place in which they are comfortable. For others, a relationship or marriage with a Jewish person offers them a first chance to explore Judaism. Participating in Shabbat dinner, a Shabbat or holiday service, or Torah study may be a completely new and different experience, and can be the first step toward considering conversion.

Adult Education

The Temple offers a wide variety of Jewish educational opportunities for adults.

Young Children

The Temple Trager ECEC fosters a learning environment which encourages intellectual, social-emotional, spiritual and physical experiences for the preschool child. It presents a broad-based curriculum within the context of moral and ethical values. Our students study the Jewish holidays as they arise throughout the year. At The Temple Trager ECEC, we learn about their Biblical and historical basis as well as the songs, foods, symbols and games associated with each.

Volunteer Opportunities

The Temple has a wide range of volunteer opportunities available for both Jewish and non-Jewish projects.